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We only sell diapers without endocrine disruptors!


Babyvroom is a Swiss and eco-responsible company 🌱 based in Montreux🇨🇭. Its creation stems from the desire to give a helping hand to all the parents that you are and to offer healthy products to your baby.

Indeed, diapers and wipes for your baby can quickly become heavy and bulky when you are doing the shopping. In order to avoid having to wear them, our service offers to deliver them directly to your doorstep, in just two working days.

Moreover and above all, BabyVroom exclusively offers you healthy products, namely fragrance-free, cream-free and chlorine-free. No more endocrine disruptors!

Our company also offers you a three-month supply of diapers in order to make your life easier. You will no longer have to constantly worry about restocking your stock and in addition, you will save at least 15%!

Ultimately, you save time, energy and money for the well-being of your baby!

Do you have a question ?



I'm hesitating between two diaper sizes, can you tell me?

Our team is naturally at your disposal to answer your questions.

If you are hesitating between two diaper sizes , we strongly advise parents to order the larger size if in doubt . They will be useful to you if it is not immediately, it will be in a few weeks.

Can I cancel my order?

We completely understand, we also sometimes change our minds!

Although we would like to, once an order is placed, we cannot modify or cancel it at this time. If the item does not match your order, be sure to exchange it for the model of your choice or send it back for a refund. As a reminder, the return costs, in these cases, are free.

Deliveries / Exchanges / Returns

We call on our partners and the main carriers in Switzerland (Post, DHL, Pflanzer). You will be asked to select a delivery method when confirming your order (standard or priority delivery).

What is the shipping policy?

Once your order has been placed, you will receive a confirmation email letting you know that our fulfillment team has received your order. Once your order has been fulfilled, you will receive an email notification containing your tracking information. Shipping charges are non-refundable in the event of a return.

Do you deliver abroad?

No, we ship, for the moment, only in Switzerland. Shipping charges apply and are added at checkout.

Can I return my products?

Yes, if the products you ordered do not match the products received.

However, if the products received correspond to your order, we cannot offer an exchange or a refund.

Indeed, we sell products by making you benefit from discounts. These discounts allow you to save money and do not allow us to offer you a product exchange service.


What do you mean by "healthy diapers"?

We can answer in two points:

  1. Healthy diapers are non-chlorine bleached, fragrance-free, and lotion-free diapers. For good reason, these elements can represent a risk for your baby's skin.
  2. We seek to promote eco-responsible suppliers who incorporate as many natural elements as possible into their products. For example, the absorbent cellulose of certain brands consists of cellulose from FSC-certified trees (=sustainable forest).
Where do the products come from?

We value local suppliers. The source depends on the supplier.

Thus, Pingo diapers are produced in Switzerland. Love&Green nappies are produced in Spain/France. JOONE diapers are produced in Belgium/France.