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The commitments of our partners:


If a textile article carries the STANDARD 100 label, you can be sure that every component of this article, i.e. every yarn, button and other accessory, has been tested for harmful substances and that the article is therefore harmless to human health. The test is carried out by our independent OEKO-TEX® partner institutes on the basis of our extensive OEKO-TEX® criteria catalogue. The test takes into account many regulated and non-regulated substances that may be harmful to human health. In many cases, the STANDARD 100 limit values go beyond national and international requirements. The criteria catalogue is updated at least once a year and supplemented by new scientific knowledge or legal requirements. It is not easy for manufacturers and customers to keep an overview of the legal situation regarding harmful substances on a daily basis. Our experts from the OEKO-TEX® Institutes will take care of this for you.


Throughout Europe, the eco-label is awarded to products that have a lower environmental impact compared to products in the same category. All labelled products meet the following general criteria:

  • Low pollution of soil, water and air
  • Low waste
  • Economical use of energy and resources throughout the production and disposal chain
  • Functionality and safety.


This label guarantees that the product contains a minimum of 70% material from sustainably managed and PEFC-certified forests, with the remainder being made up of material from sources controlled under the PEFC due diligence system.


The product is made from a mixture of materials from FSC certified forests, recycled materials and/or FSC controlled wood. Although the controlled wood does not come from FSC certified forests, it mitigates the risk of the material coming from unacceptable sources.Zero deforestation:Trees are harvested responsibly so that there is no net loss of forest over time. Forests of irreplaceable value, such as old growth forests, are identified and preserved. Reversing deforestation and maintaining irreplaceable forests is essential to combating climate change.Fair wages and working environment:All workers are provided with appropriate training, adequate safety protocols and fair wages.Supporting the transition from preservation to conservation:Plant and animal species are protected.Community rights:Local communities living in and around forest areas are consulted and their legal and cultural rights to forest land and resources are respected.


The symbol 4 with the acronym LDPE indicates that the plastic is made from LDPE plastic, which is low density polyethylene. This plastic comes in the form of commission bags, heavy-duty bags and crushed bottles. This type of plastic is not usually recycled, but it can be made into floor tiles and shipping envelopes.

naturemade star®

The naturemade quality label guarantees that the customer receives the electricity, biomethane and heat he or she has ordered through certification and annual checks: 100% renewable, and even 100% ecological in the case of naturemade star.

ECO CERT Cosmo Natural®

The COSMOS NATURAL signature is available for products that comply in all respects with the COSMOS standard but do not meet the minimum required organic percentages as specified in the COSMOS standard.


Logo indicating that the cosmetic is organic according to the first set of specifications created by the association:

95% minimum of ingredients of natural origin on the total of the product (water and minerals considered as natural)

95% minimum of organic ingredients on the total of the plants

10% minimum of organic ingredients on the total of the product (water and minerals considered as non organic because they are not cultivated).


(exact definition to be posted soon)